Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Thinking Outside the Crate

We pride ourselves here at Easycrate on providing durable, reusable and eco friendly plastic crates that are suitable for a myriad of uses. 

Some of our clients across the way in China hired our crates out and used them wine coolers for an event... this made us think what else you could use our plastic crates for!?

So far we've come across crate furniture, crate lighting, crate art! Maybe even in our current cold spell as a make shift toboggan!

Can you think of any other wacky uses for our plastic crates?

To find out more about our plastic crates please view our website or get in contact today. 

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Safe Lifting Tips

Injury through improper lifting of heavy objects is very common and leaves people in serious and long lasting pain -but it is avoidable. Do not fall victim to common back injury by taking note of these simple tips as recommended by the NHS when lifting your crates:

1) Think before you lift 
Plan the lift. Where is the load going to be placed? Use appropriate handling aids where possible. Will help be needed with the load? Remove obstructions. For long lifts, such as from floor to shoulder height, consider resting the load mid-way to change your grip.
2) Keep the load close to the waist
Keep the load close to the waist for as long as possible while lifting. The distance of the load from the spine at waist height is an important factor in the overall load on the spine and back muscles. Keep the heaviest side of the load next to the body.
3) Adopt a stable position
Your feet should be apart with one leg slightly forward to maintain balance (alongside the load if it's on the ground). Be prepared to move your feet during the lift in order to maintain a stable posture. Avoid wearing over-tight clothing or unsuitable footwear, such as heels or flip flops.
4) Ensure a good hold on the load
Where possible, hug the load close to the body. This may be a better option than gripping it tightly with the hands only.
5) Don't bend your back
A slight bending of the back, hips and knees at the start of the lift is preferable to either fully flexing the back (stooping) or fully flexing the hips and knees – in other words, fully squatting.
6) Don’t flex the back any further while lifting 
This can happen if the legs begin to straighten before starting to raise the load.
7) Don't twist
Avoid twisting the back or leaning sideways especially while the back is bent. Keep your shoulders level and facing the same direction as the hips. Turning by moving your feet is better than twisting and lifting at the same time.
8) Keep your head up 
Keep your head up when handling the load. Look ahead, not down at the load once it has been held securely.
9) Move smoothly 
Don't jerk or snatch the load as this can make it harder to keep control and can increase the risk of injury.
10) Know your limits 
Don't lift or handle more than you can easily manage. There's a difference between what people can lift and what they can safely lift. If you're in doubt, seek advice or get help.
11) Lower down, and then adjust 
Put the load down and then adjust. If you need to position the load precisely, put it down first, and then slide it into the desired position.

So when packing and moving your crates, remember these handy tips to ensure you stay safe and healthy. Visit our website to view our range of useful crates or for more information about hiring our crates please get in contact.   

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Get Your Skates On...

Did you know Easycrate is running a promotion in March that with every 100 Crates you get FREE Skate hire?!

Our Rubber Topped Skates are the ideal piece of equipment for moving those larger, more awkward items such as desks and filing cabinets. Redeem free skate hire with every 100 crates!

So get your Skates on and make the most of this Special Offer! Contact us to find out more about our amazing range of plastic crates and associated products and services.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Valuable Technology

Technology is always changing, computers and their ever expanding capabilities are the lifeblood of any business thus we know they are valuable commodities and special care needs to be taken when transporting them. The cost of replacing a smashed computer screen is expensive and time consuming thus is it better to take the proper precautions and pack your computer equipment appropriately.

That is why Easycrate has designed a crate especially for the transportation of computers. Imagine the feeling of seeing your computer screen smash due to improper packing! It is not worth taking the risk. Our specially designed Computer Lidded Crate can hold a computer, a monitor and all related equipment safely and securely and our computer screen covers are designed to protect those delicate computer screens. Get in contact now to find out more information and view our range of other crates.