Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Temporary New Year's Eve Storage

With Christmas over for another year, many people now turn their attention to New Year’s Eve. Supermarkets replace their shelves of tinsel and decorations for rows of snacks and drinks, aiming to entice those heading to or hosting a party.

Hosting a New Year’s Eve Party can take some planning. How many guests? Will they bring additional guests? Is there enough food and drink? What entertainment will be on offer? Something that also needs consideration is SPACE. Where will the food be set out? Where will drinks be stored? Will additional seating be required?

New Year’s Eve parties can also be occasions where additional people stay over, so creating space for “staying over guests” (some of whom can be very last minute!) also needs to be taken into consideration.

If you are planning a pre party declutter, but haven’t got time to sort through things and dispose of them, why not hire crates from Easycrate for temporary New Year’s Eve storage?

Our crates come in a range of sizes and are ideal for storing delicate items, DVDs and any other items you wish to store out of sight during your party. As each crate has an interlocking lid, they can be stacked during storage to help save space.

Why not contact us today to hire your temporary New Year’s Eve storage?

Monday, 22 December 2014

Crates: The Greener Christmas Packaging

Visit lots of homes over the Christmas period and rubbish bins will be full of packaging and wrapping paper, as well as the usual food waste that each household generates.

To help cut down the amount of waste in your home this Christmas, why not consider using our crates as the greener alternative to Christmas packaging?

Benefits of using our crates

Our crates come in a range of sizes to suit your Christmas present storing needs.

Each crate comes with an interlocking lid. Not only are our crates stackable and space saving, but they also keep your gifts out of sight before Christmas Day.

Our crates can be security sealed once filled – perfect for stopping prying eyes!

We can also supply labels for our crates – ideal if you are giving a crate of gifts per family member.

There is still time to hire our crates before Christmas – contact a member of the Easycrate team today on 0800 027 2665 to order yours! 

Monday, 8 December 2014

Moving Office At Christmas

Which words spring to mind when you think of Christmas? Family? Decorations? Food? Santa? Presents? How about “office moves?”

Believe it or not, moving office over the festive period can actually be a good idea. Not all moves run smoothly and issues such as network problems and delays often create business downtime – not what businesses want during busy times of the year. 

Many business close over Christmas, so companies often choose to move during this quieter period to avoid scheduling a move during busier business months.

If you are considering a Christmas office move – either to a new location or a different floor of your current building – why not let Easycrate help you?

Our range of hardwearing plastic packing crates are ideal for office moves. Whether you need to transport office files or electronic equipment, our crates will protect your belongings during your move.

At Easycrate we also offer security seals and crate labels to secure your office equipment during relocation and have a range of moving equipment to help your move run smoothly.

Contact a member of our team today and we will be happy to help with your Christmas office move.