Monday, 23 February 2015

5 Reasons To Love Crates

The Easycrate Team’s Top 5 Reasons To Love Crates

Multipurpose:  Don’t waste time looking for specialist boxes and don’t risk storing precious possessions in weak cardboard boxes. Our crates are multipurpose, so whatever the need to hire our crates – from moving to transporting and storing delicate items, our crates will protect your possessions.

Range of sizes: We offer different sized crates to suit your storage and transporting needs.

Security and Protection: Each of our crates are lidded, enabling them to be stackable and space saving during transportation and storage, and each crate can be sealed for added security.

Helping The Environment: Our crates are environmentally friendly.

Great Value: Our Price Promise guarantees that you won’t find better value hire crates elsewhere. 

Why not try our crate hire service yourself? 

Monday, 9 February 2015

Multipurpose Crates

I’m moving house, can I use your crates to pack my possessions? 

We are relocating our office – will your crates be able to transport our files and computer equipment? 

I am an exhibitor – can I use your crates to transport and display goods at trade shows?

The answer is YES!

At Easycrate, one of the things we love about our crates is that they are multipurpose. So whether you are requiring crates for home or business use, packing office files or fragile goods, our range of hardwearing crates will do the job!