Monday, 25 February 2013

Have You Heard?

Moving bundles are half price this month at Easycrate! We are aware that often you need more than just crates to ensure a smooth move, so we have put together these handy bundles to help ease the load. We have three great bundles to choose from:
Bundle 1: The hire of two skates for a week, 50 labels for organising the contents of your crates and 100 security seals.
Bundle 2: the rental of two sack barrows, 50 labels and 100 security seals to help you keep organised.

Bundle 3: Skate hire for a week, 50 reusable plastic crates, 10 computer crates (complete with foam inserts), 10 flat screen covers, 60 labels and 120 security seals.
So get YOUR skates on before the end of the month and  contact us before this marvelous offer ends with February!

Monday, 18 February 2013

The Versatile Easycrate

The standard customers of Easycrate tend to be businesses who hire crates for commercial purposes. However it is not only businesses that we believe can benefit from the plastic crate. Our crates are not only for hire, but can also be purchased so that you can have your very own Easycrate to use however you so wish.
In the home, the plastic crate is perfect for storage, indoor and outdoor. They can be used to store bedding, unsightly objects or your kid’s toys. They can be wiped clean and washed off easily, so they are very hygienic. They are also great to store tools and other items in your garage or garden shed. They are stackable to save as much space as possible and they have handles so that they can be moved around easily. Furthermore our crates are watertight, so if you don’t want them in garage, let alone your house, stick them outside.
If you feel like getting creative, why not use a plastic crate to store all your artistic gear or how about the basis of an actual artistic project. If you don’t want us to customise a crate for you, get involved with EasyCrate art! Brighten it up yourself or use it as the basis of an elaborate sculpture to make it sturdy. Be even more creative and customise a crate to fit in with the new Industrial Style furniture craze hitting homes worldwide.
Turn an EasyCrate into something it’s not just by thinking outside the box... haha get it?!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Put The Green Foot Forward

There is a common misconception that plastic crates are worse for the environment than cardboard, even though they are much more reusable and also recyclable. Plastic crates are stronger and consequently more efficient than cardboard and outlast their flimsy counterparts by at least 50 times. They can withstand harsh weather and constant handling. This means that they can be re-used over and over again, which not only causes less landfill and less deforestation, but also reduces disposal costs for you or your company.  Furthermore plastic can be recycled for a much wider range of uses in comparison to cardboard, from medicine to food to industrial purposes.
There are some negative plastics such as PVC which can be detrimental to your health and the environment. However our plastic crates are made out of the best PVC alternative, polypropylene. Our PP plastic crates are classified under Returnable Transit Packaging Solutions. This means that by hiring plastic crates businesses can take advantage of significant cost savings whilst simultaneously adhering to legislative requirements such as the Packaging Waste Directive.
Here at EasyCrate, we are dedicated to the environment and reducing our carbon footprint, so contact us today and join us on our green journey, using our planet-friendly plastic crates.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Why Do You Love Crates? Valentine’s Specials

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we would hate to miss a chance to celebrate a day of L-O-V-E. So get creative and send us across your ‘Why I Love Crates’ stories for a chance to win a FREE pair of cinema tickets. Yes we will provide your Valentine’s entertainment if we deem your story the best! The perfect opportunity to unleash your inner storage passion!
Our offers this February do not end there. We are extending our January promotion by offering HALF PRICE off all of our moving equipment, perfect if you are having a change around in the office.
We’ve decided to ease the load in our final offer as we know how stressful office moves can be. So in the all giving and loving month of February, we are offering 25% off EasyCrate moving bundles. To see what is included in each individual bundle, please click here.
So go on, take advantage of these fantastic offers whilst they’re still available, courtesy of Cupid! Contact us for more information!