Friday, 31 August 2012

Rental Crates for Car Boot Sales

It’s August and that means the car boot season is in full swing. Car boot sales are a great place to sell unwanted items from women’s clothing to toys, ‘bric a brac’ to books, sports equipment to furniture. It’s usually very cheap to enter a car boot sale and there are lots of customers willing to buy your unwanted goods.

The problem with doing a car boot sale is that you have limited space to display your items. Most car boot stall holders use a table to display most of their items and then maybe a blanket or two on the floor to display the rest. However this isn’t very efficient, especially if it is raining. It can therefore be beneficial to hire some reusable plastic crates from Easycrate.

Prior to the car boot sale, the crates can be used to store your unwanted items to keep them out of the way until you have enough to take to the car boot sale. You can then simply lift them into the car to transport to the sale. Once at the sale, empty crates can be over turned to provide more display room with some crates can be used as rummage boxes for small items all of a similar value such as books or toys.

At Easycrate we offer a range of different sizes crates, all of which are stackable thanks to the integrated lids. To find out how much it costs to rent our crates, please contact us.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Reusable Plastic Crates for Charity Shops

At EasyCrate, we are always amazed by the way in which our clients use our reusable plastic crates. Some choose to hire crates for moving house, some use our crate rental service for putting items into storage whilst others choose to buy plastic crates from us to use themselves time and time again. We thought we’d share some of the uses of our plastic crates with you to get you inspired.

Charity shops often hold a great deal of stock. Due to all the stock being donated items, many of the items arrive out of season. For example after the Christmas and New Year period, people are likely to donate unwanted gifts, surplus Christmas decorations and more. There is no point in the charity shops trying to sell these items in the spring so they store the stock until the right time of year. At the end of the summer, people tend to donate their used summer wardrobe and that of their kids. This is unlikely to sell again until the following spring so the various charities have to store this stock too.

Our wide range of reusable plastic crates can be used in the stock rooms of charity shops to house all the stock that is not right for selling at the moment. Thanks to the integrated lids and uniform design of the crates, the crates can be easily stacked to take up as little space as possible.

The crates can even be used on the shop floor as a way of sorting out the stock, for example they can be used to store children’s toys, shoes, scarfs and more to allow people to rummage for bargains.
These are just a couple of ideas of how are durable plastic crates can be used. If you are interested in buying or hiring crates from us, please call 0800 027 2665.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

How To Lift Safely

When you embark on an office move, it is likely that you will have informed all your staff as to where to go and what to do. However for health and safety, it’s important to tell them how to effectively move their belongings too. As crate hire specialists, we know that your moving crates may be heavy to lift so here are some tips to make sure your move goes as safely as possible.

1. Check There is Enough Space Around You – have a quick look around the area where you are intending to move the reusable crate and make sure there are no hazards.

2. Ensure The Correct Footing – for the best balance, your feet should be shoulder-width apart with one foot next to the hire crate and the other behind it.

3. Bend The Knees – make sure you bend your knees and don’t stoop as this will help to prevent back damage.

4. Use Your Body Weight – make sure you use your body weight to start lifting the crate and then straighten your knees to push up.

5. Keep The Load Close To You – keep your arms and elbows close to your body and to change direction don’t twist your body, move your feet instead.

If a plastic crate is too heavy to move safely, at EasyCrate we have a number of moving aids available to hire including the handy sack barrow and the skate. To discuss your requirements or for further information, contact us.

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Monday, 20 August 2012

Types of moving crates for hire

At Easycrate we have a wide range of different types of crate available for hire. Here is a quick guide to some of our most popular moving crates and what they can be used for.

Standard Lidded Crate (EC3) – this office crate measures 635 x 410 x 325mm and is one of our most versatile crates. Containing an integrated lid, it is ideal for keeping documents and files secure during your office move. When empty, this standard plastic crate nests to save room on storage but once full, these crates can easily be stacked.

Computer Lidded Crate (EC1) – this plastic crate has been designed specifically for moving fragile computer equipment. Again it has an integrated lid to ensure that nothing falls out during your move whilst the robust, sturdy construction makes sure everything inside is well protected. It measures 635 x 535 x 590mm.

Secure Roll Cage (ECSC) – this roll cage is great for moving larger computer equipment which won’t fit in the computer lidded crate. It is ideal for transporting large network printers or servers and comes with two shelves so several components can be moved at once.

Library Trolley (ECLT) – our library trolley is a good way to easily and conveniently move large numbers of books. Just stack them on the shelves, wheel them to their destination and unpack them onto a shelf.

Rubber Topped Skate (ECDOL) – this is an invaluable tool for your office move. It allows you to easily wheel your rented crates to their new location, regardless of how heavy they are.

If you would like more details about any of these crates, or other hire crates, contact us today.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Ensuring Data Remains Secure

As a business, it is almost certain that you will have confidential information that needs to be protected during your office move. In this quick guide, we take a look at what information types you may have and how to ensure these remain secure during your move thanks to plastic moving crates.

1 – Paper Files

Although in recent years there has been a move towards storing things digitally, it’s highly likely that you will still have confidential data printed out or written down within your office. Paper files can be difficult to secure as they can’t be encrypted or password protected so it’s vital that these files remain secure during your office move. For paper files and other important documents, we recommend using the Meter Lidded Crate which is one of our reusable plastic crates. This crate is the perfect size for paperwork and the built-in lid ensures that no paperwork falls out during your move.

2 – Digitally Stored Files

In today’s digital world, many important or confidential files are stored on disks or memory sticks. Due to the size of these components, they are easy to lose during an office move. At Easycrate, we recommend putting all your digital storage devices into a Standard Lidded Crate. This moving crate is smaller than the Meter Lidded Crate and will ensure all your disks are kept together.

3 – Computer Stored Files

Many important files will be stored on your company’s computers and servers. Although these will be protected by encryption codes and passwords, they can be made even more secure by using a Secure Roll Cage to transport them. By using this rental crate, you will not only be protecting the physical computer from damage, but a lock can be used on the cage to offer further protection.

We hope that you’ve found this guide useful but if you have any specific questions or want to know more about our crate hire service, just contact us.

Monday, 13 August 2012

How to effectively label items for moving

The logistics of moving, whether you’re moving home or office, is a minefield of things to remember and things to do. At Easy Crate we strive to make the process as easy as possible for you so this week we’ve sharing our extensive knowledge of how to label your items.

Whether you have chosen to rent crates or are using boxes for your move, it’s vital that you label them. If you are moving office, we would recommend labelling the boxes or crates with the both the floor and the room your box is destined for i.e. floor 2, office 14 and then a brief list of items contained within the box such as marketing files, time sheets or stationary. This way, you or your removal firm will know which room to leave the boxes in and you will be able to prioritise them when it comes to unpacking.

You can also use a colour-coded labelling system when moving offices. At Easy Crate, we offer six different coloured labels to make your move more efficient – black, red, purple, brown, blue and green. If your move is over a number of different floors, we’d recommend using a different colour for each floor.

When using boxes, you can choose to simply write on them in permanent marker pen but if you have chosen to rent crates, use stickers to label them. Remember to label the sides of the boxes or packing crates so if they are stacked up, you will still be able to read the contents.

When labelling larger items such as furniture, we recommend using tags instead of labels where possible. This is because labels don’t stick effectively to some surfaces and may become lost, or that sticky labels may well damage your furniture too.

As well as labelling contents, it’s also a good idea to include your name and contact details on the label too, especially if you are sharing a removal van or moving offices. This will help your possessions reach the right place and also reunite you with them if they become misplaced during the move.

At Easy Crate, we have a number of labels available and for July we’re offering a 25% discount across our labels range so contact us today.

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