Monday, 26 January 2015

Planning A New Year Move

Whether you are moving house or moving office, sourcing boxes to help your move can be time consuming. Cardboard boxes can also be unreliable in terms of keeping your possessions safe and secure.

Let down by cardboard boxes?

Why not choose crate hire as an easier alternative?

Different sized crates to suit your needs.

Our range of crates
Crates are made of strong, hardwearing plastic.

Stronger than cardboard
Each crate is lidded to create space saving, stackable crates.

Interlocking lids keep the contents safe, while enabling crates to be stacked. 
Crates can be sealed for additional security.

Seals: Ideal if leaving your crates overnight. 
Range of moving equipment available to aid transportation.

Our moving equipment helps takes the strain of moving.
Flexible rental periods.

Flexible rental periods to work round you. 
Unbeatable rental rates thanks to our Price Promise.

Great value for money.

Easycrate are on hand for all your new year moving needs. Why not contact us today to discuss your moving project?

Monday, 12 January 2015

Crate New Year Resolutions

Have you set yourself New Year’s Resolutions this year? Have you broken some already? While some resolutions CAN be hard to stick to, why not make a resolution to let Easycrate be part of your plans for 2015?

Are you:

A business looking for temporary storage during an office relocation or refurbishment?

A home owner planning to move house in 2015?

A home owner in desperate need for more organised storage?

A school/college or university looking for better storage?

A removals company looking for a sturdier alternative to cardboard boxes?

A trade show exhibitioner looking for transportation and display crates?

Our crates are so versatile, they have a multitude of uses, both for home and business users. Our rental periods are flexible to suit your requirements, and our rental rates won’t be beaten thanks to our Price Promise.

Make Easycrate part of your New Year’s Resolutions for 2015. We look forward to hearing from you!