Monday, 20 August 2012

Types of moving crates for hire

At Easycrate we have a wide range of different types of crate available for hire. Here is a quick guide to some of our most popular moving crates and what they can be used for.

Standard Lidded Crate (EC3) – this office crate measures 635 x 410 x 325mm and is one of our most versatile crates. Containing an integrated lid, it is ideal for keeping documents and files secure during your office move. When empty, this standard plastic crate nests to save room on storage but once full, these crates can easily be stacked.

Computer Lidded Crate (EC1) – this plastic crate has been designed specifically for moving fragile computer equipment. Again it has an integrated lid to ensure that nothing falls out during your move whilst the robust, sturdy construction makes sure everything inside is well protected. It measures 635 x 535 x 590mm.

Secure Roll Cage (ECSC) – this roll cage is great for moving larger computer equipment which won’t fit in the computer lidded crate. It is ideal for transporting large network printers or servers and comes with two shelves so several components can be moved at once.

Library Trolley (ECLT) – our library trolley is a good way to easily and conveniently move large numbers of books. Just stack them on the shelves, wheel them to their destination and unpack them onto a shelf.

Rubber Topped Skate (ECDOL) – this is an invaluable tool for your office move. It allows you to easily wheel your rented crates to their new location, regardless of how heavy they are.

If you would like more details about any of these crates, or other hire crates, contact us today.