Friday, 31 August 2012

Rental Crates for Car Boot Sales

It’s August and that means the car boot season is in full swing. Car boot sales are a great place to sell unwanted items from women’s clothing to toys, ‘bric a brac’ to books, sports equipment to furniture. It’s usually very cheap to enter a car boot sale and there are lots of customers willing to buy your unwanted goods.

The problem with doing a car boot sale is that you have limited space to display your items. Most car boot stall holders use a table to display most of their items and then maybe a blanket or two on the floor to display the rest. However this isn’t very efficient, especially if it is raining. It can therefore be beneficial to hire some reusable plastic crates from Easycrate.

Prior to the car boot sale, the crates can be used to store your unwanted items to keep them out of the way until you have enough to take to the car boot sale. You can then simply lift them into the car to transport to the sale. Once at the sale, empty crates can be over turned to provide more display room with some crates can be used as rummage boxes for small items all of a similar value such as books or toys.

At Easycrate we offer a range of different sizes crates, all of which are stackable thanks to the integrated lids. To find out how much it costs to rent our crates, please contact us.