Monday, 13 August 2012

How to effectively label items for moving

The logistics of moving, whether you’re moving home or office, is a minefield of things to remember and things to do. At Easy Crate we strive to make the process as easy as possible for you so this week we’ve sharing our extensive knowledge of how to label your items.

Whether you have chosen to rent crates or are using boxes for your move, it’s vital that you label them. If you are moving office, we would recommend labelling the boxes or crates with the both the floor and the room your box is destined for i.e. floor 2, office 14 and then a brief list of items contained within the box such as marketing files, time sheets or stationary. This way, you or your removal firm will know which room to leave the boxes in and you will be able to prioritise them when it comes to unpacking.

You can also use a colour-coded labelling system when moving offices. At Easy Crate, we offer six different coloured labels to make your move more efficient – black, red, purple, brown, blue and green. If your move is over a number of different floors, we’d recommend using a different colour for each floor.

When using boxes, you can choose to simply write on them in permanent marker pen but if you have chosen to rent crates, use stickers to label them. Remember to label the sides of the boxes or packing crates so if they are stacked up, you will still be able to read the contents.

When labelling larger items such as furniture, we recommend using tags instead of labels where possible. This is because labels don’t stick effectively to some surfaces and may become lost, or that sticky labels may well damage your furniture too.

As well as labelling contents, it’s also a good idea to include your name and contact details on the label too, especially if you are sharing a removal van or moving offices. This will help your possessions reach the right place and also reunite you with them if they become misplaced during the move.

At Easy Crate, we have a number of labels available and for July we’re offering a 25% discount across our labels range so contact us today.

Remember to check back soon to make sure you don’t miss out on other handy moving tips.