Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Reusable Plastic Crates for Charity Shops

At EasyCrate, we are always amazed by the way in which our clients use our reusable plastic crates. Some choose to hire crates for moving house, some use our crate rental service for putting items into storage whilst others choose to buy plastic crates from us to use themselves time and time again. We thought we’d share some of the uses of our plastic crates with you to get you inspired.

Charity shops often hold a great deal of stock. Due to all the stock being donated items, many of the items arrive out of season. For example after the Christmas and New Year period, people are likely to donate unwanted gifts, surplus Christmas decorations and more. There is no point in the charity shops trying to sell these items in the spring so they store the stock until the right time of year. At the end of the summer, people tend to donate their used summer wardrobe and that of their kids. This is unlikely to sell again until the following spring so the various charities have to store this stock too.

Our wide range of reusable plastic crates can be used in the stock rooms of charity shops to house all the stock that is not right for selling at the moment. Thanks to the integrated lids and uniform design of the crates, the crates can be easily stacked to take up as little space as possible.

The crates can even be used on the shop floor as a way of sorting out the stock, for example they can be used to store children’s toys, shoes, scarfs and more to allow people to rummage for bargains.
These are just a couple of ideas of how are durable plastic crates can be used. If you are interested in buying or hiring crates from us, please call 0800 027 2665.