Monday, 18 February 2013

The Versatile Easycrate

The standard customers of Easycrate tend to be businesses who hire crates for commercial purposes. However it is not only businesses that we believe can benefit from the plastic crate. Our crates are not only for hire, but can also be purchased so that you can have your very own Easycrate to use however you so wish.
In the home, the plastic crate is perfect for storage, indoor and outdoor. They can be used to store bedding, unsightly objects or your kid’s toys. They can be wiped clean and washed off easily, so they are very hygienic. They are also great to store tools and other items in your garage or garden shed. They are stackable to save as much space as possible and they have handles so that they can be moved around easily. Furthermore our crates are watertight, so if you don’t want them in garage, let alone your house, stick them outside.
If you feel like getting creative, why not use a plastic crate to store all your artistic gear or how about the basis of an actual artistic project. If you don’t want us to customise a crate for you, get involved with EasyCrate art! Brighten it up yourself or use it as the basis of an elaborate sculpture to make it sturdy. Be even more creative and customise a crate to fit in with the new Industrial Style furniture craze hitting homes worldwide.
Turn an EasyCrate into something it’s not just by thinking outside the box... haha get it?!