Monday, 23 February 2015

5 Reasons To Love Crates

The Easycrate Team’s Top 5 Reasons To Love Crates

Multipurpose:  Don’t waste time looking for specialist boxes and don’t risk storing precious possessions in weak cardboard boxes. Our crates are multipurpose, so whatever the need to hire our crates – from moving to transporting and storing delicate items, our crates will protect your possessions.

Range of sizes: We offer different sized crates to suit your storage and transporting needs.

Security and Protection: Each of our crates are lidded, enabling them to be stackable and space saving during transportation and storage, and each crate can be sealed for added security.

Helping The Environment: Our crates are environmentally friendly.

Great Value: Our Price Promise guarantees that you won’t find better value hire crates elsewhere. 

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