Monday, 22 December 2014

Crates: The Greener Christmas Packaging

Visit lots of homes over the Christmas period and rubbish bins will be full of packaging and wrapping paper, as well as the usual food waste that each household generates.

To help cut down the amount of waste in your home this Christmas, why not consider using our crates as the greener alternative to Christmas packaging?

Benefits of using our crates

Our crates come in a range of sizes to suit your Christmas present storing needs.

Each crate comes with an interlocking lid. Not only are our crates stackable and space saving, but they also keep your gifts out of sight before Christmas Day.

Our crates can be security sealed once filled – perfect for stopping prying eyes!

We can also supply labels for our crates – ideal if you are giving a crate of gifts per family member.

There is still time to hire our crates before Christmas – contact a member of the Easycrate team today on 0800 027 2665 to order yours!