Friday, 14 December 2012

If it’s raining on your Christmas parade, plastic crate hire may be just the trick.

At Easycrate we’ve spent the past year telling you about what benefits our crates can give you when moving or storing items. From their green credentials to speediness when packing there are numerous reasons why hiring crates is a good move, but looking through our blogs from the previous year there seems to be one benefit that trumps all others in both practicality and relevance to the years events, their ability to cope with moisture. 
We are fast approaching the end of 2012, the town lights are going up, the heating is going on and offices across the country are gearing up for Christmas. However it is not all cheer as the country is suffering from the continued effects of what has been a truly miserable year, where the wet weather has seemingly never seised. 
Whether moving office, moving home, or simply storing items to make room for Christmas, the wet weather can cause havoc on cardboard boxes. Even the slightest moisture can cause the box to lose its integrity, making them hard to carry and often causing them to break with the weight of items inside. When storing, even for a short time, damp and mould often begins to affect the items inside 
In wet weather like this plastic crates are in their element. The durable reinforced plastic design ensures that no matter how wet the crate gets, it does not lose its integrity, meaning that even after becoming wet, the crates can be stacked on top of one another, fully laden, without failing and crushing the items inside. The waterproof design of the crates also means that even when wet, your items are far better protected against damp and mould than if stored in a cardboard box. 
If you would like any further information about our plastic crate hire please feel free to contact us and a member of the team will be happy to help.