Wednesday, 23 July 2014

End of term

The academic year is over and around the UK the educational shift begins. For some children their school journey is about to begin, some are saying goodbye to their teacher and moving up a year, others are moving schools and for older children, the progression to college and university is just around the corner. 

But what happens when the bell rings at the end of term? Do the teachers all head off to the nearest pub? As tempting as that may sound it is often far from the truth. When the schools, colleges and universities are empty of students, the teachers and support staff are still working, emptying classrooms, moving classrooms/departments and some moving buildings entirely. 

As a former teacher I know all to well how the summer holidays have to get divided into "modes" - relaxing mode with family and friends and teacher mode. Is the work/life balance we hear about maintained? I'll have to get back to you on that one!

How can Easycrate help? 

Here at Easycrate we are proud to work in partnership with schools, colleges and universities throughout the UK, offering affordable and hardwearing plastic storage crates to suit your storage needs. Whether you are rearranging cupboard space, moving departments and buildings or having a refurbishment over the summer break,  Easycrate are here to help. 

We have a range of multipurpose crates that provide sturdy and secure storage for your equipment. As they are stackable, not only do they protect your items but they are also space saving. If you have IT equipment, we also offer specialist equipment covers to protect your electronic goods. 

Using our crates safely is important to Easycrate. Our previous blog post "Avoiding Injury When Lifting Crates" offers safety tips when lifting and shifting loaded crates, but we also offer moving equipment to assist you when moving the crates. 

Due to fantastic demand, we extended our special offer for schools, colleges and universities until the end of July. Order crates before the 31st July and receive a 35% discount on all crate orders. To find out more about this special offer, click here.