Monday, 18 August 2014

Moving to University

With A Level results out and August fast disappearing, thousands of students are preparing to make their next move - to university. While the transition to university can be both exciting and daunting, the team at Easycrate are on hand to offer advice when it comes to packing up your belongings ready for moving day.

Tips For Moving To University

Don't Rush: Universities will inform you of a start date, particularly if you are moving into Halls of Residence (Mine was September 20th - an unusually hot day!). Don't leave your packing until the night before - give yourself a few weeks to start collecting bits and pieces. 

Make A List: Work out what things are essential for your move to Uni. Things like kitchenware (pots, pans, plates etc) may seem a boring thing to shop for but they are essential. In my Halls of Residence we had a shared kitchen and I luckily got on great with my hall mates so we didn't mind sharing equipment (even though we had all bought our own). On other floors in our block some people preferred to only use their own stuff and didn't want to share - you often never know who you are going to live with until you get there!

Think Of Space: If you went to the University Open Day you may have been given a tour of the Halls of Residence. This may have stuck in your mind and you know how much space you will have, but if you visited a few universities chances are the memories of each have blurred together! Try and find out how much space you will have in your room. In Halls they often give you a desk, chair, wardrobe and chest of drawers so bear this in mind when working out what to pack.

Don't Overpack: Moving Day into Halls is a very busy time. From signing in and getting your key to finding your room and meeting your hall mates the day is extremely hectic and at the end of it you will be looking forward to unwinding in the Student Union Bar. If you are lucky, you may have parking close to your Halls, but when packing your things consider how easy they are to transport - carrying from the car, up stairs and along corridors can be very tiring, especially if your boxes are heavy. If possible, try to only pack your essentials and a few home comforts. Chances are you will be popping home now and again/have visitors so other items can be taken to and from uni another time. Don't make the mistake I did - I made frequent visits home and each time brought more and more back to my Halls. The end result was a very overloaded car when it came to moving out of Halls at the end of my Freshers year!

Effective Packing: There is nothing worse than getting to Uni only to discover your boxes have been damaged in transit or they break mid carry to your room. While cardboard boxes seem like the ideal solution for transporting your things, they are not always reliable. At Easycrate, our range of hardwearing plastic storage crates are ideal for students on the move. Not only will they protect your belongings better than cardboard boxes, but we can deliver them to you pre uni move, and collect them when you have unpacked: our fantastic rental rates mean you only need to hire them for as long as you need.

We hope our tips have been useful and we welcome any feedback and extra advice.

If you are heading to Uni this year - good luck, work hard and most importantly, ENJOY EVERY MINUTE!