Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Crate Expectations

Here at Easycrate we have great expectations for our crates and we hope to exceed your expectations when it comes to our crates too! Here’s what makes our crates so special and why you should consider renting our great crates:

Not only are our crates environmentallyfriendly, reusable and hygienic as they can be washed clean, they are perfect for a whole myriad of uses such as for packing, storing and transporting office equipment. They are often used extensively in office relocations especially by our parent company Edward Baden in numerous different projects. As they are much stronger than traditional cardboard boxes they are much safer and able to protect your goods in transit. Easily staked and handled they are much easier to manoeuvre making your move a lot easier.

Hiring crates is also less expensive than buying boxes; our hire options mean that renting crates has never been easier, allowing you to get the benefits of our crates with ease. We deliver andcollect, so you only need to store them when you’re using them. We also supply all the aids such as sack barrows, labels, and skates so you can get packing straight away. What could be simpler! We live up to our great expectations so try out the Easycrate service today. Contact us today and speak with one of our moving industry experts, we’re sure we will exceed your crate expectations!