Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Super Crates!

We’re not saying that our plastic crates could possibly don a red cape and start flying around, saving the planet from impending doom – that really would be crazy! But they certainly do their part for a number of reasons in saving the planet via their eco friendly properties, here’s why...

First and foremost our storage crates are made from recyclable materials such as melted down plastic items like drinks bottles. This not only stops these plastic items from ending up in landfill it also reduces the amount of energy required to construct our reusable plastic creates – a win win formula for our environment!

The plastic crates biggest enemy; the Lex Luther to our Superman, the Green Goblin to our Spiderman is the cardboard box. Cardboard boxes are made out of precious trees, with alarming levels of deforestation needed to created cardboard, using our plastic creates eliminates mindless felling of tress.

Reduce landfill – cardboard boxes are by no means as strong and reusable as plastic crates which means that they are usually discarded after one or two uses. Cardboard boxes can be recycled but in many cases they just end up in landfill which is wasteful and takes up precious space. As our plastic creates are so resistant not only to weather conditions but hard everyday use, they are durable and can withstand even the heaviest handed work forces!  

Reusable plastic crates are not just better for the environment but also more convenient to use than cardboard boxes and other moving equipment, making them an affordable solution for home or office moves. Get in contact today to find out about our super crates and be sure to check out our special offers for our monthly not to miss deals.