Monday, 23 June 2014

Reusable Plastic Crates For Colleges

With the academic end of year holidays just around the corner, it is a time of hard work in colleges and schools around the country. End of year exams, productions and fairs lead the way into the summer holidays for pupils whilst teachers and staff have to work far beyond the students leaving. The end of the school year in a college brings about the annual clear up which means removing everything from classrooms and walls to allow the cleaning staff in for a thorough clean.

Storage at this time can be very problematic but at Easycrate we have the perfect solution in the form of reusable plastic crates. In a range of sizes, these are perfect for storing virtually anything. Made from robust, durable materials and with integrated lids they are both secure and suitable for stacking, in and out of use.
Our crate hire service makes our crates cost-effective for using throughout the summer without having to invest in the purchase of crates plus when you have finished with them, you’re not burdened with having to store them.
Here are just a few of the things that can easily be stored in our reusable plastic crates:

-          Project work

-          Reports and student information

-          Display work

-          Text books and exercise books

-          Computer equipment

-          Teaching props and accessories
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The EasyCrate Team

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