Monday, 23 June 2014

Reusable Plastic Crates For Universities On The Move

You might think that the summer holidays are a quiet time at universities but they are in fact still very busy over this period. The summer holidays signal the end of one academic year and start of a new one so there’s much to be done during this time. One of the activities that happens over the summer is usually a restructuring of departments, moving of lecturers’ studies and a decorating of classrooms and lecture theatres. This means that many people and rooms of the university are in transition and on the move.

Traditionally boxes might have been used for this movement around the university but reusable plastic crates offer a better solution. Available for short or long term hire, our reusable plastic crates are durable and robust, making them perfect for moving. They come in a wide range of sizes and feature integrated lids which make them ideal for moving anything from lab equipment to text books, student records or even computers.
The boxes can easily be carried or transported using a trolley for convenience. Designed to stack, they are also perfect for putting into storage, either temporarily or more permanently.
Plastic crates are not only perfect for universities on the move put pupils who are on the move too – whether inbetween accommodation, on their way into university or on their way out into life beyond education. Contact the EasyCrate team here to find out more about our crate hire services.

The EasyCrate Team

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