Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Hassle Free Moving

On social media sites, there has been a steady increase of "For Sale in..." and "Freegle" pages - people selling/giving away unwanted items. Recently lots of people have also been posting a similar request: "I'm looking for moving boxes. Need asap!" 

While these social media pages are possibly one of the best places to ask for help, it also leads to uncertainty. Will you get boxes? Will you get enough? Will they be big enough? If they don't have them themselves, people often comment about where to look for boxes, but sometimes we're not in a position (or have time) to travel around gathering boxes. There is also the consideration of what to do with the boxes after they have been used - it doesn't take long for recycling bins to fill up if a few boxes are added and recycling collections aren't always immediate. 

The Solution? Forget boxes, choose Crate Hire!

At Easycrate, we offer a fantastic, hassle free crate hire service. Our hardwearing plastic crates come in a range of sizes to suit your needs and offer better protection than cardboard boxes. 

Cardboard boxes can be unreliable
Simply choose the number of crates you need (or speak to a member of our team if you are unsure) and we will not only deliver them to you, but collect them from you when you have finished. 

Our flexible rental contracts mean you only pay for the rental time you need, with no hidden charges, and if you find a cheaper quote elsewhere we will BEAT it! 

Call us today on 0800 027 2665 to find out how we can help.