Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Packing and Moving Tips

Moving house is a hectic and often stressful time. If you are planning a move – upsizing, downsizing, first time buyer, retirement buyer, moving locally or moving further afield – read our Packing and Moving Tips to help you prepare.

        Start ASAP: Packing up your belongings is a lengthy process and whether you have a small flat or a large house you often find you have more things to pack than you first thought. Once you know you are moving start the ball rolling – start packing the things you are least likely to use – seasonal items/clothing for example.

Have a clear out: Why spend time packing and moving things you don’t actually need? Take the time pre move to sort through your belongings – can they be sold, sent to a charity shop or thrown away?

       Crate Hire: Avoid wasting time hunting down cardboard boxes, choose crate hire as a time saving alternative. Our plastic packing crates are more sturdy and longer lasting than cardboard boxes and our collection and delivery service will not only deliver your crates but will also collect them after you have finished using them.

       Label your boxes: To help save time once you have arrived at your new home, label your boxes - what each box contains and the room it is intended for. This will enable whoever is moving the boxes to know exactly where each box needs to go and will make unpacking much easier.

        Documents: Keep all your important documents together in clearly labelled  files and folders in case they are needed during the move. 

  Home Services: Try to organise your services – telephone, TV and internet for  example – in preparation for your moving day so that when you move in your  home is ready to go.

  Address: Take the time to update people of your new address, not only family  and friends but also bank, mobile providers etc which may have your current  address on file. For a fee, the Post Office can also redirect your mail  https://www.royalmail.com/personal/receiving-mail/redirection       

 Time: As the saying goes “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and the same applies for  moving house. Moving takes time and shouldn’t be rushed. Weekends are ideal  for moving, particularly if friends and family can help out but where possible,  try to book time off around your moving day to give you time to not only  unpack but to also get over the exhaustion of moving.

 Essentials: There is nothing worse than trying to work out which box you  packed the kettle in when you are gasping for a cup of tea or coffee. Make  time  to pack an “Essentials” box – things you will need up until you move out  and the things you will need when you first move in.

 Avoid Overpacking: Everyone wants moving day to be as stress free and  injury free as possible. Read our Avoiding Injury post for safety tips.

  Child/Pet Care: As well as asking friends to help with the move, why not find  out if friends can help with child care or pet sit during your moving period?  Read our post about Stress Free Moving for Pets for advice about moving with  pets.