Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Planning A Move

If you are selling your property and moving on to pastures new, important decisions need to be made regarding your move. Perhaps one of the most important decisions to make is whether you move yourself or be moved by professionals.

There are benefits to both, so here are our points to consider when deciding whether to hire a removal company or move independently.

Professional Removals Company

Lifting and shifting: Your furniture and possessions are handled, loaded and unloaded by the company.

Book early: As soon as you know a moving date, book the company as soon as possible. Many people choose companies they have been recommended to them – if your friends or family recommend them, chances are others are recommending them too, so book in advance if possible to avoid disappointment.

Cost: Hiring a company will obviously cost more than moving independently, so bear this in mind when making a decision. If you haven’t been recommended a company, why not take time to “shop around” to find the best company for your removal needs. Find out the removal charges from each company and identify what these charges cover.

Fees and Fines: Some companies charge additional fees/fines if a move is delayed – find out if this is the case when choosing your removal company.

Strangers: Some movers do not like the thought of strangers in their home. While companies are professional and trustworthy, if you are not comfortable with the idea of unknown people accessing your belongings and property, moving yourself may be a better option. 

Moving yourself

Cost: For movers on a budget, moving yourself will be the cheaper option compared to hiring a removals company.

Van Rental: Contact local hire companies who will be able to advise on the size of van to hire for your move.

Friends and Family: Having friends and family that can help you with your move will help lighten the load. Some may be able to help with the lifting and shifting, whilst others may be able to provide transport. Also consider friends that may be able to babysit/pet sit during your moving day. For advice with moving pets please read our post "Stress Free Moving With Pets".

Flexibility: If the date of moving day has to be changed or extended, you do not need to worry about incurring any additional fees or fines if you are moving yourself.

Responsibility: By taking the DIY approach you are fully responsible for your move, particularly in terms of knowing what is packed and where it is!

Packing Crates: Avoid wasting time trying to find enough boxes to pack your belongings in – why not rent packing crates and packing material from Easycrate instead? Our crates offer better protection than cardboard boxes and are easily stackable and transportable.

We hope you find our advice useful and whether you decide to hire a company or go it alone for your move, the team at Easycrate wish you a successful moving day.

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