Monday, 8 September 2014

Refurbishment Storage

Are you considering redecorating or refurbishing your home or office? Concerned about what to do with your possessions during your project? 

Why not consider our crate hire service from Easycrate? Our range of hardwearing plastic storage crates are ideal for keeping your possessions safe (and paint and dust free!). Each of our crates come with a sturdy, interlocking lid, meaning our crates are stackable and space saving, leaving your project space clutter free. For added security, we can supply security seals to "lock" your crates, and crate labels to help make identification of each crate's contents easier. Our crates can be delivered to you and collected from you after use, allowing you to return your home/office to normal quickly, without having to worry about box disposal. 

Visit our website today to view our crate hire range and find out how Easycrate can help with your refurbishment storage.