Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Office Refurbishment - An Alternative To Relocation.

Is your business stuck in a rut? Is your office space lacking motivation? Are your fixtures and fittings looking a bit tired and dated?

Businesses in the UK are always looking for ways to improve, and believe it or not, improving our work environment can play an important part – not only for improving the look of a business but also morale.

A study from the World Green Building Council recently found:

" Workplaces with clean air, natural daylight and engaging and adaptable layouts all contribute to making healthier, happier and more motivated individuals who create stronger, more resilient and profitable companies."

While some businesses are turning to relocation for a boost, if finding a new location isn’t viable for your company, why not consider refurbishing your current space?

Refurbishment can be in many forms:

Colour: A simple fresh coat of paint can do wonders in our home, so why not treat your office too? Change of colour can often encourage companies to consider rebranding – would your company benefit from a revamp?

Layout: Is your current layout the most effective? Take time to think about the position of desks in your office – can they be moved to allow better flow in your workspace? Changing the layout can also include removing/adding walls. If this is a route you plan on taking, ensure your refurbishment budget covers any potential structural problems that could be encountered during the project.

Fixtures and Fittings: Are you drowning under paperwork? Create a clutter free zone by ensuring your new look office has suitable storage for documents and files. Not only will this create a professional looking work environment but will also appeal to any clients that visit your office. Your new office may also benefit from new furniture. Before rushing into buying “like for like” why not shop around – there may be different furniture that suits your new layout better.

While refurbishment is certainly a cheaper alternative to relocation, it should not be considered “the poor relation” in comparison. Refurbishments that are planned effectively and are well organised and managed can be just as effective as moving your office completely.