Monday, 6 October 2014

Operation: Move House

Deciding to sell your house, for whatever reason, can be a daunting task. If you are at the beginning of the house move process, here are some tips and points to consider to help you on your house move journey.

Choosing an estate agent

With so many estate agents available, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. Ask friends and family for recommendations and look around your local area – who are other homeowners selling with? Which agents seem to be selling property quickly?

It is always worth having a few estate agents round to value your property, not only for valuation purposes but to also see which agent you feel will be the best for your house sale. Some agents can be very thorough with their valuation visit – taking the time to talk about your property and take measurements – while others seemingly whizz round your property and leave. Try to find out if your property will be marketed on online property websites as well as the agent’s own site – the more exposure your property gets the more likely it will attract a buyer. It is also worth deciding if you will market your property with one estate agent or multiple agents, and go with your instinct when choosing an estate agent.

Start planning your move

Once you have put your house on the market, it is essential you start to plan your move and get the wheels in motion. While some properties take a while to sell, others can sell fairly quickly (particularly if your agent has a list of potential buyers looking for property in your area).


Although it is not something to look forward to, decluttering and having a clear out is key to house moves. Not only will it help your property appeal to potential buyers if it is clutter free, but it also gives you a head start once a buyer is on the scene. Work out which things will be moving house with you and which things can be sold, donated to charity or thrown away. Try to do this as soon as possible, as it will make things much easier further down the line.


Keeping your important documents safe is vital. Once there is a buyer, their solicitors will often ask for any guarantees/certificates especially for any work you have had done at your property e.g. new windows, boilers, electrical work etc. If your documents are kept in one place, this should make it easier should such documents be requested. If you can’t find the original documents, it also gives you time to try and get duplicates.


Start packing your things as soon as possible, starting with the things you are not likely to need. This will save valuable packing time as Moving Day creeps closer. Box your things (and label the boxes) within each room – this will make unpacking at your new house easier as you will know the contents of each box and which room it is intended for (and can be put straight into!).

Saying Goodbye

It is amazing how easily we can get attached to our homes, especially if they hold lots of happy memories. Even though we know the move is for the best, there can be that “lump in throat” moment when the keys are handed over. Try to plan something exciting for your new property. This could be taking the children to a DIY store so they can choose colours for their new room, planning a housewarming party or taking cuttings from your favourite garden plants to plant in your new garden.

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