Tuesday, 14 October 2014

To Move Or Not To Move?

Deciding whether to move or not is a big decision to make. Sometimes we feel a fresh start is needed but is moving house our best option? Would it make sense to stay put? Here we consider some of the reasons behind both options.

Moving House

Location: Are you seeking a “better” location? This can be within the same town or area or a different county (or indeed country). What makes it a “better” location?

Property Size: Are you looking to downsize after your children have moved out? Is a larger property too much to maintain? Perhaps you are looking to have more space, or are extending your family.

Property Features: Consider your property “needs” – what is essential and what is an “additional bonus”.  For example, do you need an en-suite or garage or are they bonus features of a potential new home?

Jobs: Many moves are linked to relocation of jobs. Are you considering a move due to this reason? If you are settled in a job how will moving affect this e.g. commute?

Staying Put

Home Improvements: Can your current home be improved? This can be as small as giving rooms a fresh coat of paint to larger projects such as new kitchens/bathrooms and new windows. Some home owners also take on projects such as extensions to adapt their current home to their needs.

Garden: As well as indoor home improvements, consider how altering your external space can improve your property.

Jobs: When people are settled in their current job, they often prefer to stay in their current property.

Schools: As with jobs, if your children are settled in their schools is moving the best idea? While some do move their children into new schools, other home owners often delay their house moves until their children are out of their key school years.

What decisions have you made when deciding whether to move or stay put? We’d love to hear from you!