Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Planning an office refurbishment

Are you a business planning a rebrand? Changing the layout of your office? Perhaps your office decor and furnishings are just looking a bit tired... 

Whatever the reason, office refurbishments can give businesses a new lease of life. When planning a refurbishment it is important to consider the following:

  • Scale of refurbishment 
  • Cost of refurbishment
  • Time of refurbishment

Scale Of Refurbishment

The scale of refurbishment varies depending on each business. Some may simply be repainting their office, while others may be changing the layout completely. Having a clear idea of the scale of your project before commencing will help you plan your refurbishment effectively. 

Cost Of Refurbishment

When planning your refurbishment, try to keep your costing clear. While refurbishment is a cheaper option compared to relocation (read our blog post on Refurbishment vs Relocation for further details) there can be hidden costs - structural changes to buildings (particularly older buildings) can reveal problems that need additional funding to rectify, and some refurbishment plans change mid project e.g. when offices are repainted sometimes the "old" furniture doesn't suit the new look. If new furniture wasn't in your initial project budget, this will add additional costs. 

Time Of Refurbishment

When is the best time to undertake your refurbishment project? Businesses will not want projects to interfere with the daily running of their business, but sometimes this cannot be helped. To avoid as much business down time as possible, it is recommended that office refurbishments take place during "quieter" periods e.g. school holidays and Christmas holidays. If your refurbishment is on a much smaller scale, you may find that weekends or Bank Holiday Weekends are sufficient.   

If you are planning an office refurbishment, why not enquire about our Refurbishment and Relocation Services?